Photovoltaic irrigation plants

Installations with photovoltaic panels

PST Technology electric pump range can be powered using photovoltaic storage systems, also called Island Systems and they can be applied when it is not possible to connect the pump to an electric grid. PST Technology system allow to achieve pumping flexibility in the following applications:

  • irrigation of farmlands and sports fields;
  • irrigation of greenhouses;
  • pumping in residential housing;
  • pumping in breeding;
  • drinkable water treatment;
  • mining sites water treatment.

Analyze the system: water requirements

Everything starts with the analysis of their own water requirements: PST Technology service offers expert advice to measure the existing system, to compare the general performances and to define the best solutions.

To install an effective water network, is necessary to focus on the total cost of the life cycle of the whole system. PST Technology’s assistance service is available to analyze the water system already existing in order to suggest the electric pump and the monitoring system most suitable for the functioning of the plant.

- Photovoltaic panels are highly resistant to climatic events and pollution;

- The support structures may be fixed or movable (following the sun) thanks a dedicated inverter;

- System can be supported by batteries to storage energy during day hours.

The electricity supply of the electric pumps is provided through the photovoltaic panels, and in the case of temporary electricity shortage, thanks to the use of hybrid inverters, is possible to switch it to the electric grid.

Upon request, PST Technology system can be remote-controlled with special panels.

PST Technology offers assistance during the whole process of installation and startup of the plant. 

PST TECHNOLOGY is your partner for complete solutions.

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